1. The world’s firrst fully corrosion-resistant, non- metallic magnetic drive submersible pump for acids and alkalis

Our submersible pump is made from carbon ber reinforced polypropylene (CFR PP) for the main pump body, and high purity ceramic or PTFE for critical parts. No metal is used in wetted parts. Due to the corrosion resistant materials, our submersible pump is perfect for acidic and alkaline solutions.

2. A built-in thermal protector for automatic motor shutdown

When temperatures reach abnormal levels due to electrical or mechanical factors during operation, the built-in thermal protector automatically shuts off the pump. Any abnormal load or liquid temperatures exceeding the maximum limit are detected to prevent failures.

3. Lightweight construction and easy handling in emergency situations

For example, the YD-5002GWN weighs 57.3 lbs. (26 kg). With convenient grip handles, these pumps can be transported quickly in the event of an emergency. It can be used at any location where electric power supply is available.

4. Submersible is Oil Free

The seal-less magnetic drive pump does not include the oil-bathed mechanical seals that are typical of general submersible pumps. Therefore, we provide a safe pump without the risk of oil leakage due to wear of the mechanical seal and without oil contamination.


  • YD-5002GWN


  Bore Motor
YD-5002GWN-HP 2″(50) 1.5 57


Performance Curves

Examples of Use

  • Pumping water from underground pits or tanks
  • Drawing liquid out of liquid freezing tanks or bottom of containers
  • Circulating or stirring liquid in tanks
  • Transferring liquid at a time of an emergency, etc.


  • World’s first corrosion-resistant submersible pump resistant to acid and alkaline liquid
  • Built-in thermal protector with automatic motor shutoff system to prevent breakdown
  • Magnetic drive system with no liquid penetration into the motor
  • A grip (handle) attached for easy transfer at a time of an emergency



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