by Application

PCB Manufacturing Equipment

Developing, stripping, etching, desmear, black treatment, soft etching, washing line, TAB, COF, and lead frames.

Self-Priming Filter Pump Vertical Pump Magnetic Pump

Electronic Components

LCD, semiconductor etching, developing, peeling, Rinse line, equipment, electronic equipment for manufacturing goods.

Compact Magnetic Pump Magnetic Pump Vertical Pump

Plating Equipment

Zinc plating, decorative chrome, Bright chromate conversion coatings, chromate (except for manufacturing electronic components), etc..

Self-Priming Filter Pump Compact Magnetic Pump Magnetic Pump
Vertical Pump Self-Priming Pump

Cleaning Equipment

Automotive parts rinse, metal pickling line, rinse food, washing dishes, CIP cleaning (sterilization), etc.

Self-Priming Filter Pump Compact Magnetic Pump Magnetic Pump
Vertical Pump

Chemicals Manufacturing

Chemical equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, petrochemical plant for the manufacturing process
(such as the use does not include drainage), fertilizers and pesticides.

Self-Priming Filter Pump

Spillage oil collecting system

Emergency spilled/floating oil collecting system.

Oil Skimmer


Scrubbers, compact scrubbers (draft), Etching Scrubber and biological deodorization tower.

Vertical Pump Magnetic Pump

Water Treatment

Acid, alkaline water treatment plant equipment, water treatment plant microorganisms, filter press, raw water, the conditioning tank, dilute caustic soda unit and sludge transfer pump.

Self-Priming Pump Vertical Self-Priming Pump

For a pump to supply or transfer solution from new solution storage tank to the factory, a pump to transfer solution from tank lorry to new solution tank, a pump to transfer factory waste fluid to wastewater plant, a relaying pump, a pump to transfer waste fluid to tank lorry, etc.

Self-Priming Pump Submersible Pump Magnetic Pump

Floating oil collecting float pump

For collecting and transferring floating oil, water grass/ Algae, objects.

Oil Skimmer

Environmental Protection

Oil spills, floating oil recovery equipment.

Floating Oil Collecting System for Coolant Liquid
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