Our Magnetic Pump contribute to efficiency and a cost cut.

We had received the phone call from our client in aerospace industry in Seattle the other day.

They had been using Inexpensive plastic pump to collect high temperature salt water, and had been replacing it every 3 months because of poor quality.

It is great that the fact plastic pump itself is reasonable but requires frequent exchange. It was very inefficient because of time loss for production line stoppage, extra labor cost, and disposal cost.

After an intensive research, this client found our pump: YD-GWN series made by us: World Chemical USA, Inc.

As a matter of fact, our YD-GWN pump series are Carbon fiber PP made Magnetic Pump. Because magnetic type water pump is very rate in the world and has high durability, it has been growing in popularity in recent years.

Although YD-GWN costs 7 times more compare to initial plastic pump, the overall cost will be even after just one year of use. It is extremely cost effective to purchase YD-GWN considering its duration can be 3-4 years.

We visited their facility after 6 months of installation, the pump was working in its best performance.

The client is extremely satisfied with their decision to switch to YD-GWN pump.

YD-GWN works great with high temperature clear liquid because of high durability.

YD-GWN pump is “IT” pump, if you are looking for the best pump works with high temperature clear liquid. Please contact us for your inquiry, today!!

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