I just came back from “WEFTEC 2018”(Water Environmental Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference) held in New Orleans.

WEFTEC=WEFTEC® is recognized as the world’s largest annual water quality technical conference.

In this time, we prioritize to have meeting and greeting with local clients instead of exhibit the booth.

It turned out great that I collected very useful information as well as providing it to my clients and had close communication.

Usually, I often ended up with only chit chatting at the booth.

WEFTEC is well-known convention exhibit by various corporations which handle any type of water treatment.

Many booths are displaying Ductile Iron type pumps, but very few of Magnetic Drive- Carbon Fiber Polypropylene type was there.

I am quite certain Magnetic type pump has great needs and big potnetial to expand the market.

In the field of environmental measure, although I saw few companies handle oil collection system, I did not see more light and efficient collecting equipment as our double float system.


It is quite mobile and compact that you can even load on pick-up truck, and does not require much man power.

Our most of models require only one person for set up.

Because it collects much less water compare to similar type system, clean up and waster are much less as well.

If more details are needed, please contact us and we will tell you how much you can save time and money!!

World Chemical USA is determined to spread the word of our super-efficient YD-GYP series.

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