Upgrading to Mag-Drive Pump from Ductile Iron Pump: “Simple is the best”

This time, I went to the chemical plant in Louisiana.

This plant was initially using Ductile Iron pump but facing constant resolution problems due to corrosion from Brine and Rain water which contain acid and alkaline water.

Because of frequent Ductile Iron pump problems, they decide to install our Mag-drive Self Priming YD-505GV.
This pump is excellent in corrosion resistance and lasts for long time.

They had decided to replace all Ductile Iron Pump to this YD-505GV, according to them.

In addition, many of our Mag-Drive Priming pumps have been used as Sump Pump to collect rain water already.

During this visit, I had a chance to talk to one of the process engineers and was told that they are in the process of redesigning pipes to WCA compatible.
These decisions were made based on our pump performance history as well as its quality.

Half of pumps in this plant were already switched.

The rest of the pumps will be gradually switched to ours along the way.

In fact, different plant inside same facility has been using our pumps for years, and pumps installed in 2016 have been still working without any problem.
To unify pumps with WCA made contribute to efficiency, simplification and easy stocking.

Due to the fact this Japanese company hires American mostly, the simplification in pumps and made avoid many miscommunications such as order mistakes as well as installation mistakes.

Simplification often contributes to saving time, labor and, of course, MONEY!!
Unifying pump is no exception!!

World Chemical USA offers high quality and high endurance Japanese products.

Please contact us for any inquiry for small to big projects and facility size installation.

Company data

  • Industry: Chemical Plants
  • Location: Louisiana
  • Introduction model: YD-5005GV with NEMA 5HP Motor(Magnetic Drive Self-priming pump)
  • Material of Pump: Glass Fiber Polypropylene
  • Application: Sump Pump for Brine and Raine water

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