Our Pump has been the service life of 11 years!

We received an inquiry from one of World Chemical’s clients in South Carolina that said they desperately need a replacement pump.

Our client was not sure what to look for and came to us for help.

We asked him to send us the picture of the original pump with motor/name plate.

We researched our data base according to the sent information.

We checked the date for last few years but could not find anything…..we kept going and finally found that the pump was purchased in Feb 2007.

The pump was starting to have some problems after 11 years and so they were in search for the new one.

We were shocked to found out that the pump lasted more than 11years!

From our history, it has been the pattern that the clients routinely exchange the pump with 2-3 years.

YD-GV series are Valve-less and we believe this is one of the reasons why the pump lasted far beyond its typical lifecycle.

This case proved that if you properly use this well engineered pump, it can last for a decade!!!

Below are the details for YD-GV-series for the reference: 

Internationally patented valve less mechanism.

With our unique valve-less mechanism (internationally patented), a sufficient amount of liquid for a rerun remains inside GV/GVF even without a check valve. This prevents the pump from running dry.

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