Reason why our pump are chosen @ water treatment facility.

We had interviews with our clients of water treatment facility. Please refer to the installation.

They chose our YD-GMN Series.

This facility is the large wastewater treatment plant in the Atlanta Area.

please refer to the following interview when you install it in your company.

Why do you purchase this product?

We were looking for Sump Pumps for Chemical applications at a waste water plant.

How did you know about this product?

We found one at the plant that had been in service for a long time.

What is the use of this product? What is the working solution?

We are using for as Chemical Sump pump @ facility.

Which products had been used before?

We were using Various Stainless models but we got with little success. So, we were searching more reasonable pump.

What is the facility size (square feet) for use for this product?

Our facility size is 280MGD.

Would it possible to have introduce your clients to us?

Possibly. If these pumps work out well I will be truing to install them in several locations. At that time it would be good to have someone from the company visit the sites.


Our YD-GWN Series feature: 

  1. The world’s firrst fully corrosion-resistant, non- metallic magnetic drive submersible pump for acids and alkalis.
  2. A built-in thermal protector for automatic motor shutdown.
  3. Lightweight construction and easy handling in emergency situations.
  4. Submersible is Oil Free.
  5. Single Phase 115V,  Cable length : PVC 16ft  (5m)

More information of YD-GWN Series CLICK HERE.


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