Carbon Fiber/ Magnetic Drive Submersible pumps installed at Chemical Sump solution


The customer’s industry is Print Wiring Board manufacture,  used Cast Iron Submersible Pumps for chemical pump sump application.

Those pumps were reasonable prices but they did not last long.

The customer was looking for Submersible pump which is corrosion resistant type.

One of the distributors found  YD-GWN (compact 1phase/115V type) through website and they tried a unit of YD-GWN  for the application first.

It worked well for corrosion, kept more than they expected.


Application: The solution is 1/2 cup of 40% of nitric acid and water added

Comments: Pumps work GREAT!  They are in production 24/5 and sometimes 24/7, with no issues.

YD-25A6GWN-CP-RD61 (1ph/115V, 1/3HP, 19ft@15gpm)

Magnetic type of Submersible Pump.

Nonmetallic, No Lubrication Oil.

Corrosion resistant pump body (Carbon Fiber Polypropylene) is capable of handling Chemicals.

Also, minimum liquid level is only 0.4” (10mm), and Max temperature is 104F/ 40C.

YD-5002GWN series(3ph/460V, 1.5HP)

It is the same description as the compact submersible pump and also it is able to handle High temperature type of chemicals.

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