Non Metallic Submersible Pumps


The YD-GWN is a unique submersible pump. It is a magnetic drive submersible pump, which means no seals or lubrication oils to contaminate the area of operation. In addition, its Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene (CFR-PP) construction allows the pump to resist even the most corrosive acids and alkalis.

YD-5002GWN: 3ph/460V(option 220V), Max TDH/47ft, Max GPM/80gpm

YD-25A6GWN: 1ph/115V, Max TDH/28ft, Max GPM/ 31gpm

The YD-25A6GWN (1ph/115V), pump’s lowest suction point of only 10mm (.4in) makes it possible to transfer the most from each tank, saving costs on expensive liquids.

YD-5002GWN(3ph/460V and 220V), Max temperature is handle by 167F /75degree.

The YD-GWN can be used in a wide variety of applications, from foamy chemicals, pumping liquids up from breakwater / broiler rooms, and even environments where the surface layers may be frozen. Its lightweight and simple (can be used anywhere with an available power source) design makes this pump an ideal choice for emergency situations, where the time to transport and install equipment is critical. more details: http://worldchemicalusa.com/archives/product/ydgwn




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