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  1. Upgrading to Mag-Drive Pump from Ductile Iron Pump: “Simple is the best”

    This time, I went to the chemical plant in Louisiana.This plant was initially using Ductile Iron pump but facing constant resolution problems due ...

  2. Our Magnetic Pump contribute to efficiency and a cost cut.

    We had received the phone call from our client in aerospace industry in Seattle the other day.They had been using Inexpensive plastic pump to coll...

  3. Collecting Paint Sludge at Automobile Factory

    By installing YD-1000YGP, the automobile plant in GA saved more than 50% of annual cost for collecting paint sludge.Also the monthly of full day w...

  4. Duckweed Removal Solution

    Duckweed Removal Solutions in GA. Biological Waste water treatment, efficient way of collecting duckweed by using YD-GYP (Skimmer with Submersible Pum...

  5. Non-Metallic magnetic Pumps/ YD-GS/GSF series at Chlorine dioxide application

    Click here World Chemical manufactures Non-Metallic magnetic drive pumps.  YD-400GS/GSF series pumps (3/4HP to 5HP range, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Ethy...

  6. Non Metallic Submersible Pumps

    Non Metallic SUBMERSIBLE MAGNETIC COUPLED PUMPThe YD-GWN is a unique submersible pump. It is a magnetic drive submersible pump, which means no sea...

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