Chemical Manufacturing

  1. Upgrading to Mag-Drive Pump from Ductile Iron Pump: “Simple is the best”

    This time, I went to the chemical plant in Louisiana.This plant was initially using Ductile Iron pump but facing constant resolution problems due ...

  2. Our Magnetic Pump contribute to efficiency and a cost cut.

    We had received the phone call from our client in aerospace industry in Seattle the other day.They had been using Inexpensive plastic pump to coll...

  3. Non-Metallic magnetic Pumps/ YD-GS/GSF series at Chlorine dioxide application

    Click here World Chemical manufactures Non-Metallic magnetic drive pumps.  YD-400GS/GSF series pumps (3/4HP to 5HP range, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Ethy...

  4. Non Metallic Submersible Pumps

    Non Metallic SUBMERSIBLE MAGNETIC COUPLED PUMPThe YD-GWN is a unique submersible pump. It is a magnetic drive submersible pump, which means no sea...

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