This skimmer is a device of which collects floating oils on the liquid surface efficiently by adopting of a scraper mechanism.

It is composed of a floating unit and a submersible pump unit.


  1. GYRO-SKIMMER is mainly composed of three large floats (Main floats), three small floats (Gate floats), a gate ring, a SCRAPER UNIT and a SUBMERSIBLE PUMP to collect floating oils on the water surface.
  2. Main floats having enough buoyancy follow the change of water level very well supporting the weight of a SCRAPER UNIT, a SUBMERSIBLE PUMP, a flexible hose and fittings.
  3. Gate floats ensure keeping a constant depth (height difference) of gate ring (oil collecting mouth) even on wavy surface.
  4. The skimmer collects oil steadily on the water surface because of the independent heaving of Main floats and Gate floats.  The movement of Main floats gives almost no harmful influence to the height difference of gate ring.
  5. GATE RING has a screw thread to be adjustable to the thickness of collecting oil by turning itself.
  6. As a SCRAPER UNIT is mounted on the top of GATE RING, floating solids can be also scraped smoothly together with floating oils.  Also, by the effect of SCRAPER UNIT, floating solids gathered around the GATE RING do not obstruct the flow of floating oil.
  7. SCRAPER UNIT is composed of a small reduction geared motor and a resinous scraper vane unit.  The motor speed is approximately 4 rpm.  2-scraper vanes rotate always along the top of GATE RING and they can move also up and down.  A switching power supply (24V DC) for control of geared motor attaches to the unit.
  8. Inner gears in the SCRAPER UNIT are hardly possible to be broken by locking of rotating axis, because of assembling a magnetic coupling.Furthermore, this design concept has also a sub-waterproof structure to protect the motor from a momentary submergence and a splash of water droplets.  However, it is not applicable for submergence at deep water and for a long time, because the motor is not a full waterproof type.  Do not use the SCRAPER UNIT in high humid environment such as in the dew.
  9. The skimmer collects oily water continuously in the SUCTION HOPPER by connecting a flexible hose to the pump and supplying power.  The SUCTION HOPPER is molded together with the pump casing.
  10. The durable SUBMERSIBLE PUMP has a capacity of which can pump up smoothly solidified floating with oily water.
  11. Because the skimmer has no electric parts other than the SUBMERSIBLE PUMP and the SCRAPER UNIT, it is easy to handle and maintain such as cleaning.
  12. All of the main structural parts are manufactured based on original design.  Therefore, their balanced arrangement displays an excellent performance
  13. Cable material : PVC / length:  32ft



  1. As any protection devices for electric leakage and short circuit or any drive control switches are not attached to the GYRO-SKIMMER, install some electric control device such as a short circuit breaker and a ON/OFF switch between the skimmer and AC power supply.
  2. Connect an electric wire from the switching power supply to AC power supply (refer to the diagram).
  3. Connect the cable from the SUBMERSIBLE PUMP to AC power supply.
  4. Connect a flexible hose to the hose joint at the outlet of SUBMERSIBLE PUMP and fix it firmly with a hose band, then afloat the skimmer in the tank floating oil.
  5. Three holes for hooks or ropes are mounted at the upper part of MAIN FLOAT FRAME.They can use for lifting and mooring the skimmer.  Moor the skimmer at the floating oil concentrated.
  6. Arrange the flexible hose connecting to the SUBMERSIBLE PUMP as not give an excessive tension.  If some reversed tension is given to the flexible hose when the skimmer is moored, it may be not able to collect oil smoothly due to the leaning of the GATE RING and it may give a bad influence to the vertical motion of GATE RING due to the binding with SUCTION HOPPER.
  7. Make sure the GATE RING and the SUCTION HOPPER are submerged.
  8. The height difference (‘H’ in the diagram) of GATE RING has been adjusted in a test tank (fresh water) of our manufacturing works before shipping.  However, if the fluid in the tank is following cases, readjust ‘H’ because of poor buoyancy and decreased inflow rate.
    ① Other than fresh water to afloat the skimmer
    ② Very thick oil layer
    ③ Viscous floating oil
    ④ Heavy floating oil in density
  9. Turn the GATE RING holding the GATE FLOATS by hands when adjusting ‘H’.
    When the GATE RING is hard to turn, loosen a stopper screw that is attached to the side of GATE FLOATS GUIDE (a circular stainless part of which the GATE RING is screwed).
    After adjustment, fix the GATE RING to the GATE FLOATS GUIDE tightening the screw.
    If the operation of skimmer will be started in while the GATE RING has not fixed, the adjusted ‘H’ may be changed because the movement of SCRAPER VANE will make turn the GATE RING.  The stopper screw is attached to the side of ring configuration part in GATE FLOAT GUIDE.
  10. If the GATE RING is turned in clockwise when facing the upside, ‘H’ becomes deeper and the inflow rate should be increased.
    And if it is turned in counter-clockwise, ‘H’ becomes shallower and the inflow rate should be decreased.
  11. Adjust ‘H’ considering the balance among the properties (density, viscosity, etc.), the thickness of floating oil and pumping rate.
  12. Adjust ‘H’ at the most suitable depth where oily water flows into the GATE RING smoothly as making a thin layer along its inner walls.
  13. Clean the skimmer up periodically for smooth operation.
    Make sure all bolts and nuts are tightened firmly at the maintenance.
  14. Where the surface of floats becomes dirty, it is easy to adhere the solid foreign matters like sludge and it cause the restraint movability of floats on waves following the growth of adhesive stuffs.
    Also, if the adhesive stuffs accumulate in the opening between MAIN FLOATS and GATE FLOATS, they will be not able to heave on wave independently.
  15. Keep the GATE RING and the SUCTION HOPPER clean.
    If they become dirty, they cannot heave each other smoothly.
  16. Where solidified oil has accumulated on the SCRAPER VANE or rotating axis, clean them depending on the accumulation volume. The accumulation of oil onto their parts causes a bad scraping performance and the motor trouble by overload.

Examples of Use

  1. For collecting and transferring floating oil in a coolant pit.
  2. For collecting and transferring floating oil with abrasion objects such as chips orslurry.
  3. For collecting and transferring scum in waste water plant.
  4. For collecting and transferring floating oil when cleaning contaminated soil.
  5. For collecting emergency spilled oil in river / port.
  6. For collecting floating oil on the spot of hard to heat retaining in cold climates.
  7. For collecting floating resin pellet or power

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