Magnetic Drive Submersible Pump

World’s first YD-GWN series

Our Submersible pump is made from Carbon Fiber reinforced polypropylene (CFR ) for the main Pump Body, and high purity (PTFE, Ceramic) for critical parts. No metal is used in wetted parts. Due to corrosion resistant materials, our submersible pumps are perfect for acid and alkaline solution.  YD-GWN series has been proven to be the best submersible pump available with more than 30 years of history.

Product Features

  • It is magnet pump resisting corrosion (Acid & Alkaline)
  • Built in Thermal Protector with automatic shutoff system to prevent breakdown
  • Magnetic drive system with no liquid penetration into the motor
  • A grip(handle) attached for easy transfer in case of emergency

Example of Use

  • Pumping water from underground pits or tanks
  • Drawing liquid out of liquid freezing tanks or bottom of containers
  • Circulating or stirring liquid in tanks
  • Transferring liquid at a time of an emergency, etc.

For Water treatment plant

  • Sampling Transfer
  • Emergency for overflow

Case Study

Why did you purchase this product?

We were looking for Sump Pumps for Chemical applications at a waste water plant.

How did you know about this product?

We found one at the plant that had been in service for a long time.

What is the use of this product? What is the working solution?

We are using it as a Chemical Sump pump at facility.

Which products had been used before?

We were using Various Stainless models but with little success. So, we were searching for a more reasonable price pump.

What is the facility size (square feet) for use for this product?

Our facility size is 280MGD.

Would it be possible to introduce your clients to us?

Possibly. These pumps function well, I will be trying to install them in several locations. At that time, it would be good to have someone from the company visit the site.


About World Chemical USA, Inc.

World Chemical USA, Inc was established in 1998 in Southern California as the exclusive wholesaler in America of Chemical Pumps and Oil Skimmer systems developed and manufactured by World Chemical Co., Ltd, in Japan.

Our Chemical Pumps are used for fluid handling control systems, and our Oil Skimmer systems are used for waste water treatment for environmental protection.

Our exclusive products provide excellent functionality for customers

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Tel: 1-888-860-3364

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