【Case Study】Steel treating company
We will introduce a case study of a steel treating company. They installed our GW Series. Application: 18% HCL.(Hydrochloric Acid 18%), intermittent using Why did you purchase this product? Customer was looking for a corrosion resistant submersible. How did you know about this product? We have been selling WP for some time. What is the use of this product? What is the working solution? Metal Processing. Lowering the fluid level in a pit which may at times get exposed to low pH. Which products had been used before? Zoller and Flygt  submersible pumps What is the facility size (square feet) for use for this product? 200,000 + Sq Ft Thank
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Reason why our pump are chosen @ water treatment facility.
We had interviews with our clients of water treatment facility. Please refer to the installation. They chose our YD-GMN Series. This facility is the large wastewater treatment plant in the Atlanta Area. please refer to the following interview when you install it in your company. Why do you purchase this product? We were looking for Sump Pumps for Chemical applications at a waste water plant. How did you know about this product? We found one at the plant that had been in service for a long time. What is the use of this product? What is the working solution? We are using for as Chemical Sump pump @ facility. Which products
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Our Pump has been the service life of 11 years!
We received an inquiry from one of World Chemical’s clients in South Carolina that said they desperately need a replacement pump. Our client was not sure what to look for and came to us for help. We asked him to send us the picture of the original pump with motor/name plate. We researched our data base according to the sent information. We checked the date for last few years but could not find anything…..we kept going and finally found that the pump was purchased in Feb 2007. The pump was starting to have some problems after 11 years and so they were in search for the new one. We were
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Upgrading to Mag-Drive Pump from Ductile Iron Pump: “Simple is the best”
This time, I went to the chemical plant in Louisiana. This plant was initially using Ductile Iron pump but facing constant resolution problems due to corrosion from Brine and Rain water which contain acid and alkaline water. Because of frequent Ductile Iron pump problems, they decide to install our Mag-drive Self Priming YD-505GV. This pump is excellent in corrosion resistance and lasts for long time. They had decided to replace all Ductile Iron Pump to this YD-505GV, according to them. In addition, many of our Mag-Drive Priming pumps have been used as Sump Pump to collect rain water already. During this visit, I had a chance to talk to one
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I just came back from “WEFTEC 2018”(Water Environmental Federation’s Technical Exhibition and Conference) held in New Orleans. WEFTEC=WEFTEC® is recognized as the world’s largest annual water quality technical conference. In this time, we prioritize to have meeting and greeting with local clients instead of exhibit the booth. It turned out great that I collected very useful information as well as providing it to my clients and had close communication. Usually, I often ended up with only chit chatting at the booth. WEFTEC is well-known convention exhibit by various corporations which handle any type of water treatment. Many booths are displaying Ductile Iron type pumps, but very few of Magnetic Drive-
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Our Magnetic Pump contribute to efficiency and a cost cut.
We had received the phone call from our client in aerospace industry in Seattle the other day. They had been using Inexpensive plastic pump to collect high temperature salt water, and had been replacing it every 3 months because of poor quality. It is great that the fact plastic pump itself is reasonable but requires frequent exchange. It was very inefficient because of time loss for production line stoppage, extra labor cost, and disposal cost. After an intensive research, this client found our pump: YD-GWN series made by us: World Chemical USA, Inc. As a matter of fact, our YD-GWN pump series are Carbon fiber PP made Magnetic Pump. Because
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