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Kaori MoriFrom the President of World Chemical USA

Kaori Mori

Welcome to World Chemical USA, Inc.

World Chemical USA, Inc was established in 1998 in Southern California as the exclusive wholesaler in America of Chemical Pumps and Oil Skimmer systems developed and manufactured by World Chemical Co., Ltd, in Japan.

Our Chemical Pumps are used for fluid handling control systems, and our Oil Skimmer systems are used for waste water treatment for environmental protection.

Our exclusive products provide excellent functionality for customers

World Chemical USA, Inc.


Kaori Mori

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World Chemical USA, Inc.

Board Member

President: Kaori Mori


1971.01.26: Japan Head Quarter


30 Hughes, Suite 203, Irvine, CA92618
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TEL: 949-462-0900 / FAX: 949-462-0999



Japan Head Quarter

World Chemical Co., Ltd.
3F,ANTEX24 Bldg,1-1-14 Taito. Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0016 Japan
TEL: 03-5818-5130 / FAX: 03-5818-5131

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