1. YD-25A6GWN

    Compact, Plastic, Magnetic-Drive Submersible Pump. For pumping from a chemical tank For mixing, agitation and emergency situations.

  2. YD-400GS/GSF Series

    The highest pump head in its class. The GS magnetic drive pumps are designed specifically for high pressure transfer.

  3. YD-GWN

    Sealless Submersible Magnetic Pump. For pumping from a chemical tank. For mixing, agitation and emergency situations. Chemical Sump Pump. Sump Pump for Chemical.

  4. YD-GV/GVF series

    Sealless & Valveless Self-Priming Magnetic Pump For a wide range of industrial processing and transfer of acids, caustics, corrosives and wastewater.

  5. YD-NSF/NSF, YD-LRN series

    Sealless & Valveless Self Priming Centrifugal Pump. The entire pump and its component parts are flawlessly molded with an all resin construction. The Pump's stability and quality are assured even in the harshest conditions.

  6. YD-VK/VP

    Sealless Vertical Pump Series. Gas seal mechanism Sealless construction Resistance to chemicals Resistance to heat *Possible temperature range: 32°F to 185°F Bearing-less Replaceable cantilevered sleeved stainless steel shaft Reducing air entrapment and improving suction performance

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