Magnetic type of Submersible Pump


submersiblepump・ World’s first entirely corrosion resistant non-metallic magnetic drive seal-less Submersible Pump
・ A built-in thermal protector
・ Constructed of Polypropylene (carbon fiber reinforced) with a PVC encased power cord. Perfect for most acids, caustics, solvents, bleaches and waterlike fluids.
・ Automatic shutdown if pump exceeds temperature or electrical limits.
・ Magnetic “NO SEAL” coupling
・ Light weight construction and easy handling for emergency situations
・ Ferrite magnets and engineered ceramics eliminate the most common reason for pump failures. Air filled motor and liquid chambers are completely separate.
・ Pump weight is 57lbs (26kg) for the YD-GWN. With an easy grip handle, it can be transported quickly in emergency situations.
・ Pump inspection, maintenance and parts replacement are quick and simple.
・ Silicon carbide and engineered ceramics and Ruron R make this a very reliable pump to stand up under harsh conditions.

Our Technology

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