Vertical Pump Vs. Self-Priming Pump


Other Vertical Pumps World Chemical’s Self-Priming Pump
(GV/GVF Series)
Priming water & performance
  • Valveless design allows pump to prime liquids containing limited amounts of solid particles.
  • Prevents backflow by siphoning and keeps priming water in auxiliary tank.
  • Automatically primes 16.4 ft. in less than 2 minutes.
Bushing & suction pipe
  • Submersed pumps always require bushing.
  • Additional bushing is required when suction pipes are longer than 5.2 ft. (from pump base).
  • Pump can handle any liquid level with a low-cost extension of the suction pipe.

Cooling water
  • Requires outer cooling water for the bushing.
  • Used cooling water enters sump pit, adding wastewater treatment costs.
  • Insufficient volume of cooling water caused by its water pressure or frozen pipes tends to lead to pump failure.
  • Requires no outer cooling water.
  • Unclogging strainers can be tedious and expensive.
  • Costly periodic replacement of bushing.
  • Strainers are easily cleaned by lifting the suction pipe.
  • Lightweight construction enables the maintenance work to be carried out by one person.

Our Technology

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